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Brake Caliper

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  • Wilwood Forged Dynalite...


    The Forged Billet Dynalite has wide spread application over many forms over motorsports. It serves as the base model in the majority of Wilwood's Bolt-On Disc Brake Kits. The latest applied developments and innovations in caliper design and manufacturing processes have resulted in substantial improvements in strength and performance over all comparable models.

  • Allstar GM Caliper - Stock Car


    Stock Style calipers are perfect replacements for most GM applications and will fit up to 1" wide rotor. Inlet thread is 10mm x 1.5mm pitch. Right Hand (RH) Calipers or Left Hand (LH) designations are based on the caliper being mounted behind the rotor, as it is in most stock applications. All calipers may be mounted on the left or right. It depends if the caliper is being mounted on the front or back side of the rotor.

  • Wilwood Brake Pads (GM...


    2 pair (4 pads) per box.

    Wilwood's Smart Pad BP-20 brake pads feature an extended temperature range over the BP-10 brake pads. They have a progressive response rate as pedal pressure and temperature increase to provide confident, repeated stops and outstanding modulation characteristics. The Wilwood Smart Pad BP-20 brake pads have a unique metallic composite formulation that delivers an aggressive feel without the harsh noise, high rotor abrasion, and extreme dust levels associated with high metallic-based compounds. The pads work well in: Medium to heavy-duty braking dirt oval tracks.