Coolant Tanks

Coolant Tanks

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  • Allstar Over Flow Tank


    Allstar Performance Over Flow Tank 1Qt with Filler and Welded on Bracket

  • Moroso Universal Expansion...


    Universal Expansion Tank Fabricated Aluminum Billet filler neck with barbed fitting for overflow hose designed for several application where a 1 1/4 quart remote tank is necessary. One 1/2 NPT female fitting on the bottom of the tank and one 3/8 NPT female fitting on side of the tank. Integral mounting bracket.

  • Allstar Chevy Single Pass...


    Excellent quality at an affordable price. Filler necks are machined, not stamped, and water tanks are furnace brazed, not epoxied, eliminating two prime sources of leakage. The lightweight 1" tubes, arranged in two rows, offer outstanding cooling in Ford and GM powered race cars, offroad vehicles and street machines. Standard 1-1/2" inlets and 1-3/4" outlets have beaded hose fittings. Width, including tanks, to fit a wide variety of chassis and engine compartment configurations.