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  • Wilwood Remote Master...


    Combination Remote Master Cylinders offer six different bore sizes and four different installation configurations that are available with this master cylinder kit. Precision machined from high strength aluminum, this kit includes both small and large size reservoirs which can be mounted directly on the master cylinder or remotely mounted for more convenient service access. Standard mounting bolt hole configurations provide easy applications for racing and off road vehicles, specialty cars, recreation and industrial vehicles.

    Installation instructions below (under the attachment tab)

  • Quarter Master Throw Out...


    This floating hydraulic throwout bearing is designed for 7.25" clutches using a flexplate and button clutch combination. Bearing comes with enough fittings so that you could use a -3 AN or -4 AN supply line.

    • Bleed hose NOT included 
    • Bleeder hole is threaded 5/16"-24
    • Collapsed height: 2.245"
    • Outside diameter: 4.400"
    • Inside diameter: 1.425"
  • Howe Hydraulic Throw Out...


    Designed for racing classes that require a stock type clutch. Installs by replacing one bolt on the front of the transmission. Conica shims are provided for proper fit.