Best sellers

  • BSC Tapered Spacer 5/8'...


    Tapered Steel (Zinc plated) Spacer 5/8" Bore 1/2" Ht.1" OD.

  • BSC Tapered Alloy Spacer...


    Tapered Alloy Spacer 1/2", Bore 1"

  • Integra Shocks 421 Series


    7'' stroke with a range of valving.

    Extended 19-1/4''

    Compressed 12-1/4"

  • BSC Tapered Spacer 5/8''...


    Tapered Steel (zinc plated) Spacer 5/8" Bore 1/4" Ht.1" OD.

  • Fram HP Series Oil Filters


    Frams HP Series filters are just for performance and racing use. The spin-on filters can trap very small micron-sized particles that cause most engine wear. All filters have an anti-drainback valve with a maximum flow rate.

  • Hawk Brake Pads


    Hawk Black Pads are medium torque and easy on rotors. The optimal temperature range is from 100F to 900F. For use on Dirt Late Model, Modifieds and and light weight asphalt cars. Designed to be a good, all-purpose low-cost racing pad. Ferro-CarbonTM is a unique, high-tech friction material developed and manufactured by Hawk Performance for the racing community. All Ferro-CarbonTM materials exhibit non-fade performance and have been evaluated up to and beyond 1, 600 degrees F. Each material offers lower wear rates and higher torque values than all other competitive materials available on the market today.

    Hawk Performance Black Brake Pads - Fits Wilwood Dynalite Caliper, Outlaw 2000, Sierra Mini GN HB100M480.

    4 pads per box.

  • Eibach Springs 12''

    • - Maximum Travel in Combination with Smallest Block Heights
    • - Ultra-Lightweight for Reduced Unsprung Mass
    • - Each Spring Individually Tested
    • - Highest Linearity and Guaranteed Consistency
  • Allstar 2 Gauge Panel


    Gauge panels are completely assembled, pre-wired and include lighted mechanical gauges, warning indicator lights with senders to alert you of problems, detailed instructions and installation template. Panel fitted with Allstar gauges measures 4-1/2" Tall x 7-1/4" Long. Gauges: Oil Pressure And Water Temperature

  • Wilwood Remote Master...


    Combination Remote Master Cylinders offer six different bore sizes and four different installation configurations that are available with this master cylinder kit. Precision machined from high strength aluminum, this kit includes both small and large size reservoirs which can be mounted directly on the master cylinder or remotely mounted for more convenient service access. Standard mounting bolt hole configurations provide easy applications for racing and off road vehicles, specialty cars, recreation and industrial vehicles.

    Installation instructions below (under the attachment tab)

  • Allstar Fuel Filter - 10...


    Allstar Fuel Filter - 10 Paper Element.

    Anodized, high flow inline filter is 8" long and fits in a 9" housing. Overall length is 12" and outside diameter is 2". Filter flows enough fuel for any race car.

  • Wilwood Forward Floor Mount...


    This floor mount pedal assembly mounts a single brake or clutch master cylinder in a forward position outside the firewall. It features a lightweight aluminum frame, with a high strength reinforced I-Beam style forged 6:1 ratio pedal arm. The non-skid waffled pedal pad can be laterally adjusted for driver preference or clearance as necessary. This pedal accepts any Wilwood vertical mount flange single or tandem outlet master cylinder. Horizontal mount flange master cylinders require an adapter kit. Master cylinders are ordered separately by style and bore size.

  • Wilwood 1" Tandem Remote...


    Tandem Master Cylinder - 1 Inch Bore with Remote Reservoirs.

    Wilwood’s Remote Tandem master cylinders provide one of the safest ways to actuate four wheel or dual caliper axle brake systems. The cylinder features 50/50 output from a 1.00" bore with 1.10" stroke. This master cylinder can be bolted directly to Wilwood's single mount pedals. The kit is shipped complete with the master cylinder, pre-installed 4 ounce reservoirs and 3.38" x 5/16-24 pushrod.